Steal't Game


I created this game for my Digital Games Design & Development assignment and this game was marked a Distinction. This game has been created in the GameMaker engine using both GML coding and D&D. The sprites have also been made by me.


C# Stock management system


This is a stock management system created by me for my project. It is written in C# and it's a console application. This application will allow you to add inventory items to a text file and save it which will also allow you to view it at any time you wish. It will also keep track of what item has been added at what time by logging everything in a logs.txt file and you can view the logs by selecting the option from the menu.


Coffee Application


This page include the javascript code for the coffee application which I created. Using this link you can place your coffee order depending on your mood. It has all the available options and the prices on the menu. You select the item numbers and put them in the input box. Once you're done it, you add it to the basket and when you're happy with the basket, you then press place the order. It then shows you the confirmation with the total price of your order and you can either accept or decline it.

coffee app